Make Your Outdoor Experience a Cool One!

These innovative lenses eliminate 99% of reflected glare, block 100% UV rays. They are thin, light weight and impact resistant for long lasting durability! 

These premium mirrored lenses absorb infrared, a component of sunlight, making them perfect for your outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, water sports and driving. Ideal for hot summer beach days but also protecting your eyes with that bright winter snow.

Improve your outdoor experience with these Polarized Mirrored lenses. 


ZEN BARCELONA;  These frames are made in Spain, solid with quality and full of fashion to walk down the runway of life. Find frames like no others! 

Adidas Eyewear; These frame are made in Austria, with Performance Steel. Designed to be light weight, specially designed for sports & casual wear. Self adjustable temples to help you get the right grip.

InFACE Optics; Designed specifically for the smaller face. These frames are perfect fits for those who find other frames just " to big". Fashion and Function married beautifully. 

Easy Clip & Easy Twist;

Easy clip frames come with a bonus magnetic clip on, to quickly make your prescription eyewear in sunglasses.

Easy Twist frames are perfect for little ones and older ones who put their eyewear through a little more in life. These frames can take more than the average beating. Come see how flexible eyewear can be!

DAVID GREEN Eyewear is Unique by Nature, David Greens concept is to bring nature to the city and he has done this by carefully handcrafting frames by collecting individual leaves and reeds that have fallen onto the bed of the forests floor and placed into each individual frame. Every frame is uniquely designed by Mother Nature, or it is carved by hand, by one worker, which can take 3 hours + of skilled labour. This frame could be calling to you. Find out more by visiting David at

OVVO Eyewear; Does your eyewear hold its weight plus? Surgical steel infused with titanium. These luxury frames are cut from one piece by laser, and crafted together with minimal to no screws. Light weight frames and non allergenic, these frames are perfect for those who suffer from migraines and allergies. 

Bourgeois Eyewear: Designed by a man. For men. These frames are designed right in New Brunswick Canada. The owner of the company has made it his goal to offer fashionable mens eyewear at a fair price. Giving the opportunity to have a pair of eyewear that the ladies want to see and the men like to wear. 

Bee YOUnique: Looking for eyewear that is unique to you? This is definitely a line you want to try on! With modern day styles and unique design twists, these frames allow you to compliment your individual personality. 

BMW Eyewear NOW HERE! Classic elite eyewear. Designed to emulate sophistication and class in this modern business world. Men & Women frames available.

*This is just to name a few. We have so many Professional Brand Eyewear to choose from, we simply can't list them all! 

Come in and find the perfect pair to fit your style & comfort. 

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The Coolest way to protect your vision!

More Customized colours available. See in store for detail.

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