Laser Surgery Co-management

Our office provides pre-operative and post-operative management for clients interested in laser vision correction surgery. Pre-examination will help evaluate if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction. Follow-up care visits are provided the first day following surgery, one week post-surgery, one month post-surgery, three months post-surgery, six months post-surgery, and one year post-surgery.  

Contact Lens Fitting - Separate fitting

Contact lenses are an excellent option when you want a change from wearing eyeglasses, especially for sport enthusiasts. We have 3 skilled professionals who fit all types of contact lenses, including single vision, astigmatism, multifocal and RGP’s. We promote Professional Brand contact lenses and have complete access to many products.  If you are a first time wearer or an experienced long time wearer looking for better performance, we can help. Your vision health matters. Having contact lenses professionally fit does require chair time and call backs. Please visit our office for further details. 

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A comprehensive eye exam includes testing visual acuity, the health of the eye, and checking for glaucoma and cataracts. If you have any health concerns such as diabetes or hypertension, the doctor will examine to see if it is affecting the health of your eyes. We also work with other qualified specialists who we can refer you to if you have a condition that is outside the scope of our practice.

OHIP Coverage

Changes were made by the Ontario government to the eye care coverage as of November 1, 2004.

Children (0 - 19 years) - Covered for a full comprehensive eye exam once every 12 months. 

Adults (aged 20 - 64 years) - No OHIP coverage (*some exceptions apply: medical coverage through a doctor's referral). 

*Please call our office should you require clarification.

Seniors (65 years and older)- Covered for a full comprehensive eye exam once every 12 months.

Medical Exceptions: Certain medical conditions like diabetes, glaucoma, cataract, retinal disease, strabismus, etc., are also covered for a full eye exam every 12 months.

Comprehensive eye examination fee of $89.00 for patients not covered by OHIP, due on the date of the exam. 


Safety Eyewear

Safety eyewear is eyewear which meets the standards for protective safety eyewear in your work environment. We use proper impact resistant lenses, either Polycarbonate or Trivex material. Your lenses are manufactured to the appropriate lens thickness required. Certified safety frames, including permanent side-shields, are chosen and provided to meet the safety requirements for the safety of your vision. 

Custom Eyewear

No matter how similar eyewear looks, it is very unique and is a case specific product. We take pride in sitting with our clients individually, learning about their lifestyle and providing solutions for their needs. This can include lenses for Night driving, overhead working eyewear for close vision, task specific eyewear and much more. We encourage our clients to come in and sit down with us to educate themselves on what the optical field has to offer. It's more than just your vision. 

 Optician & optometry professionals

Paediatric Eye Examinations 

It is recommended that children have their first eye examination by the age of six months, and a second visit is at the age of 3 years, prior to starting school. For children between the ages of 4 and 19, a yearly examination is advised, which is covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program). This allows the possibility of early detection of disease and abnormalities, increasing the ability to treat possible condition(s). Yearly eye examinations are important because as they grow, children’s eyes continue to change. 

Fact: Children do not have anything to compare their vision to. Therefore no matter a child's vision, they believe that the way they see the world is how it is, possibly blurry and unclear until their vision is corrected.